Welcome to Shootsta learning

This is an online course on how to make a video all the way from planning to briefing it for editing!

In this course our team of video experts all around the world will share their top tips and tricks so you can create high-quality videos easily and confidently yourself. New to video? Get some snacks, sit back and get learning! Consider yourself a video veteran? Scroll on to the topic of your choice and dive right in.


1. How to plan a successful video.

2. What gear do I need to film a video? Getting started.

3. How to choose your location.

4. How to light your video well.

5. How to film professional videos on your phone.

6. How to film on the Shootsta Mini Kit.

7. How to film on the Shootsta Kit.

8. How to frame your talent.

9. How to capture great audio.

10. How to focus on your talent.

11. How to look good in front of camera.

12. How to direct talent.

13. How to record great cutaways.

14. How to shoot efficiently and effectively.

15. How do I turn footage into a video?

16. How to make a podcast.