Learn how to create better videos using a phone

Video is the most effective way to communicate at scale across your organisation, no matter where your employees or clients may be located. Timely comms helps alleviate anxiety in your workforce as well as creating transparency with your clients.

Follow these easy 6 steps to make professional video content on your mobile phone.

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1. Choose a good location

When selecting a location for filming a video on your phone, lighting is key. Look for a spot with ample natural light or well-controlled artificial lighting to ensure your subject is well-illuminated and easily visible. Avoid harsh shadows or overly bright backgrounds that can distract from the focal point.

Additionally, keep an eye out for any potential sources of noise or distractions, such as busy roads or loud machinery, which can adversely affect the audio quality. A quiet and peaceful environment will help capture clear audio and maintain viewer engagement. By prioritizing good lighting and minimizing distractions, you’ll enhance the overall quality of your video and create a more engaging viewing experience.


tips for recording better video with a smartphone

2. Experiment with horizontal and vertical filming

When filming a video on your phone, experiment with shooting both horizontally and vertically.

Shooting horizontally, or in landscape mode, offers a wider field of view, capturing more content within the frame. This is great for scenic shots or when you want to include a broader perspective.

On the other hand, shooting vertically, or in portrait mode, is particularly effective for platforms like Instagram Stories or TikTok, where vertical videos are more prevalent. By being versatile and switching between horizontal and vertical orientations, you can adapt to different contexts and optimize your videos for various platforms.

So don’t limit yourself to just one mode—explore both orientations and choose the one that best suits your content and audience.


Experiment with recording for phone video in horizontal and vertical formats


3. Keep your phone level and steady

An essential tip is to keep your phone level and steady. Keep a stable grip and avoiding unnecessary movement is crucial for capturing smooth and professional-looking footage. To achieve this, use both hands to hold your phone securely, or consider using a tripod or stabilizing accessory if available. Keep your elbows close to your body for added stability, and try to minimize sudden jerks or shaky movements. Additionally, be mindful of your breathing and take slow, controlled breaths to avoid any inadvertent camera movements.

You can also access the grid lines feature either in settings or within the camera app itself, depending on your phone. This will give you a good indicator whether your phone is level.


Create Professional Videos With Your Phone

4. Capture high-quality audio

To capture great audio, it’s important to first find a quiet location to film in.

If possible, use a separate microphone for better sound quality, or invest in a mobile phone microphone accessory.

If you’re only able to use your phone microphone to capture audio, position talent close to the audio source to ensure clear and crisp sound. Be mindful of any wind interference by using a windscreen or shielding the microphone.


How to Make Videos with your Phone - professional audio for phone video

5. Check the focus

Usually, your phone is quite good at finding and focusing on your talent. To ensure your subject is sharp and clear, tap on the screen where your subject is located to activate the autofocus feature. This allows your phone’s camera to adjust and lock onto the subject, ensuring it stays in focus throughout the recording. It’s also important to keep your phone steady while focusing to avoid any unintentional blurriness. By mastering the art of focusing, you’ll capture professional-looking videos that keep your viewers engaged and immersed in the content.


tips for recording better video with a smartphone

6. Double check your video

It’s always a good idea to double-check everything you have filmed to ensure you’re happy with the look, audio is clear and shots are in focus.

If you find that you are missing a clip, or you aren’t happy with a take, then reshoot whilst you’re still set up. This will be much easier than having to organise a reshoot later.

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best Video creation guideline